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Starter Package


A great place to start! Website hosting with an entry-level price for new sites.

  • 2GB Disk Space
  • 1 Domain
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • 15 Email Accounts


Business Package


Great for multiple websites and anyone who wants email hosting @ your domain.

  • 5GB Disk Space
  • 5 Domain
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
Premium Package


Great for high-traffic websites that require more power from a WordPress-optimized server.

  • 30GB Disk Space
  • 10 Domain
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
Dedicated Package


For multiple large web projects, Increased processing power with unlimited sites

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited domains
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
Volume Plan (A)


Specifically Designed for Traffic

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited Web Traffic
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

Get Professional Business Email

Send your brand out there with a professional email address



per month

  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Webmail Access
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Daily Backups


per month

  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Webmail Access
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Daily Backups


per month

  • 40GB SSD Storage
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • Webmail Access
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Daily Backups


per month

  • 80GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Webmail Access
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Daily Backups

Email Hosting Plans: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Anytime.
* domain name is registered free when used as the primary domain for the hosting account. Renewed annually at normal price

Our Services

Social Media Marketing
About Social Media Marketing

Bluesbu provides a marketing service known as Social Media Marketing (SMM), which is a rapidly growing and highly effective online marketing activity. This type of digital marketing aims to increase website traffic, give your brand a personality, boost brand credibility, increase visibility, and invite social feedback. It also helps to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results by creating an online network of connections. As most people are aware, social media is an online platform that allows people to share news and information as well as interact with others.

social media marketing
Google Ads (PPC)
How Does It Work?

We will monitor, adapt, improve, and report on your ongoing Google Ads account as part of our Google Ads service.
Managing Google Ads accounts takes time. If you don't fully comprehend the data, your account may quickly become disorganized.
That means squandered funds, squandered time, and a loss of market share to competitors.
Our expert team is here to help you manage your Google Ads account and grow your business.

Google advertising
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
SEO Company Focused on Results

We are a well-established SEO company based in South Africa that provides SEO services to clients all over the world.
The longer you wait, the greater your competitors' advantage.

Search engine optimisation
Social Media Management
Social Media Management South Africa

Social media marketing is a powerful channel that allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. When most people think of social media marketing, they think of Facebook, but there are many other networks that can be used to increase brand awareness and contribute to better search engine optimization for your website. Our Social Media Marketing Company will help your team improve your digital presence by combining well-defined strategies with impactful design.

Social media management
Website Design
Professional Website Design

If you're looking for a website design firm that provides high-quality, SEO-friendly, and creative work, you've come to the right place. We are one of South Africa's leading website design firms, based in Johannesburg, and we serve both local and international clients. Our websites are built with responsive design to be mobile friendly and to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

social media marketing
Web hosting
Starting from R49

Whether you require basic shared website hosting or Cloud Hosting for large applications, we have a solution for you. Our hosting solutions are specifically designed to suite different website requirements. Our servers are high performance servers which will naturally decrease your loading time and improve performance on 99% of websites without any additional charges. Let our domain team plan your migration to avoid any downtime.

Google advertising

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Google Advertising




Social Media Marketing


Let's talk digital marketing

In a given day, how many customers, clients, website visitors,
or leads do you receive from Social Media or Google?

Would you like to multiply that by two?
Or how about tripling it? Or perhaps quadruple it?

Digital Marketing Company in South Africa

Join the ranks of clients

What we do

Bluesbu is a digital marketing agency based in Nelspruit that provides a variety of branding, digital marketing, and technical solutions to ensure you provide a holistic and unique branding experience to your visitors, clients, and prospects. Your brand must reinforce your quality service from the moment they find you through SEO or PPC, social media or referrals, all the way through to their website.

We understand that your brand is the essence of your company, and we strive to create a brand and branding experience that is both pleasing and memorable. We also understand how important it is to build your brand both online and offline, and that a solid digital strategy and superior project execution are required to stay on top of trends and remain competitive.

Digital Marketing
Even future business owners, Lol.

Hit the ground running.

We frontload the work from first contact, packing months of strategy into your initial appraisal and proposal.

You get short-term quick wins and long-term results that don’t take forever to realize.


Driven by ROI, not egos.

You’re partnering with consultants and strategists, not a team of “Yes Men”.

If something isn’t making sense, we’ll push back. And the results will make you glad we did.


Overdelivering is our benchmark.

Exceeding expectations is our gold standard, which is reflected in our 96%+ client retention rate.

We embrace our brands both personally and professionally.


Only the best in your corner.

We give our employees the tools and space to grow.

It’s why we have some of the best people in the biz and a 95% employee retention rate.


You need a marketing solution that scales with your budget, grows profit for your business, and will help you get the top spot in search results. So many businesses are now realizing that this can easily be done by getting a professional digital marketing plan together. Contact us today for a FREE quote: | 013 591 6723 | WhatsApp 0729800475


Tell: 013 591 6723
Mobile: +27 729800475

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Advertising
  • SEO - Search Engine optimization
  • Website Management
  • Web hosting
  • Web Design

Extensive SEO Services including Pay Per Click Management, Keyword Research, On-Page & Off-Page Optimization and Website Development.